One Forest Summit
Ministerial Session – March 1, 2023 –3:00 to 4:30pm

Workshop on traceability, the key to sustainability

Tools for traceability and challenges of European regulation


The topic of traceability is becoming increasingly important in the global discourse on sustainability
and responsible forestry practices. This workshop will address the main challenges for traceability, as
well as the key role it plays for environmental sustainability, social responsibility, market access and
brand reputation in the field of forestry. Indeed, traceability is crucial to ensure that timber products are
sustainably sourced, which means they originate from well-managed forests that have undergone
responsible forestry practices. Traceability is also important for ensuring that the rights of local
communities are respected, as they often rely on forests for their livelihoods. Furthermore, legislation
that require strict traceability, such as the recent European regulation, raises the question of market
access and compliance to ambitious norms.

This workshop will bring together experts and will showcase innovative tools for traceability,
highlighting the need for responsible forestry practices to promote sustainable development and
ensure the long-term viability of the global forestry sector.


– Bettina HOFFMANN, Secretary of State, Germany

Moderator :
– Dr Jeremie MBAIRAMADJI, Forestry officer for Central Africa, FAO


– Thomas SEMBRES, Expert, European Forest Institute (EFI)
– Artémis LLAMOSI, Chief Technical Officer, Inarix
– Jean-François CHEVALIER, Manager of TRACER Nkok, Forest Ressources Management
– Bobby BYLL, Chief Executive Officer, SGS
– Aboubakar MAMBIMBA NDJOUNGUI, Chief Executive Officer, AGEOS
– Achille DJEAGOU, Congo Basin Coordinator / Open Timber Portal, WRI
– Wendy CARRARA, Senior manager, Airbus Defence and Space


1. Opening remarks (10 min)

– Bettina HOFFMANN, Secretary of State, Germany


2. Setting the scene (10min)

– Dr Jeremie MBAIRAMADJI, Forestry officer for Central Africa, FAO

Highlighting the interest and challenges of traceability. Norms and legislation to comply with.

3. Available geolocation tools and coming challenges with the EU regulation (35min)

   Presentation of existing tools and feedbacks on challenges

– Achille DJEAGOU presents Open timber portal
– Jean-François CHEVALIER presents LiberTrace and TRACER-Nkok systems
– Aboubakar MAMBIMBA NDJOUNGUI and Wendy CARRARA discuss space-based
observations as a lever to improve traceability


4. Innovative solutions to address the traceability challenge (10 min)

– Artémis LLAMOSI, Chief Technical Officer, Inarix


5. Supply chain transparency / political deliverable (10 min)

– Thomas SEMBRES, expert, European Forest Institute (EFI) 
Feedback on experimentations and outline of coming challenges. How the supply chain transparency
Facility could improve information access on supply chains and enhance traceability.


6. Questions of the audience (15 min)


7. Closing remarks (5 min)